Junior Showmanship
Part of the mission of the American Kennel Club is to "Take whatever actions
necessary to protect and assure the continuation of the sport of purebred dogs." The
AKC's Junior Showmanship Program is just one example of the kennel club's
commitment to fulfilling this portion of its charter statement.

Juniors must be between 10 and 18 years of age to participate. The dogs that the
junior handlers exhibit must be AKC registered, and owned by them, a member of
their family, or a relative.

In 1999 the Junior Showmanship program was expanded to include performance
events. Currently, a Junior Handler that handles a dog to a performance title will
receive a certificate from the AKC acknowledging this accomplishment.

The American Kennel Club also awards Scholarships to deserving Junior Handlers to
encourage them to continue on with their education.  The Board of the American
Kennel Club has just increased the Junior Scholarship Fund from $60,000 to
$100,000. This can truly be seen as affirmation of the AKC's commitment to the
youth of our sport.

While the Junior Showmanship program itself has gone through changes over the
years, the concept and reasons for its implementation have remained the same: to
encourage participation in the sport by young purebred dog enthusiasts; to teach
good sportsmanship, win or lose; and to educate the next generation of the fancy.
So the next time you find yourself at a show with a few moments to spare, stop by
the Junior Showmanship ring to witness the AKC's commitment to its mission
statement and the future of our sport.

Courtesy of the AKC - Read more about Juniors at

For more information about Junior Showmanship, please contact Maureen Pogorzelski at 715-341-2122
Breaking News!!
WRKC is offering a Junior Showmanship Class beginning
May 10, 2010 at 6:15pm
at the WRKC Training Building
150 Market Ave,
Port Edwards, WI

Do you love dogs? Are you between the ages of 10 and 18?  Have
you watched dog shows on TV and wondered what it would be like
to show a dog?  Here is your chance to find out!
The Junior Showmanship class is for conformation handling, but the
isn't on the dog, but your ability to show the dog at it's best.  
We'll show you how in a relaxed atmosphere.  There is a
Conformation class that follows at 7pm.
Showing dogs is a hobby you can participate in for the rest of your
the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Nationals In Cape Cod.