Obedience Class Fees:
Adult  non-members - $75
Adult club members - $50
Additional classes, same dog and handler - $35
Junior member - $35
Additional classes same dog and handler - $25
Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club Training Classes

These eight week classes are held in our training building at 150 Market Ave.,
Port Edwards.  Proof of shots required for registration.

2-4 Month Puppy Kindergarten starts Tuesday, April 16th at 6PM.  Puppies DO
NOT come the first night.  Fee-$75.

Beginner Obedience Class for dogs over 8 months, starts Tuesday, April16 at
7:00 PM. Dogs DO NOT come the first night.  Fee-$75.

Beginner Agility Class starts Wednesday, April 17th at 6PM. This 8 week class is
open to dogs over 1 year old.  Dogs must have completed a beginner Obedience
class to be admitted.  Fee-$75.00

Therapy Dog Training Class  for dogs over 1 year old.  Wednesday, April 17th at
7:00 PM.  Dogs DO NOT come the first night.
 Beginner obedience is a prerequisite
for this class. This is a six-week class.  Fee- $60.

4-8 Month Puppy Kindergarten starts Thursday, April 18th at 6PM.  Puppies DO
NOT come the first night.  Fee-$75.

To register for classes you may mail completed registration form and check payable
to WRKC to Ilene Havitz, 150
- 18th St. North, Wisconsin Rapids, WI  54494. You will
be notified only if class is cancelled.


~Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club Obedience Class Registration Form~




Breed of

Wis. Rapids Kennel Club Member?____                  Humane Society adoption?____

The undersigned hereby releases and holds harmless the WRKC members,
Instructors and Assistants from any harm, damage or injury to handler or dog during
training classes.

6PM on Mondays except for the first
Monday of the month
All breeds and ages are welcome!!
$2 members/$3 nonmembers

If you are interested in conformation classes or practice, please contact
Melissa Munsch at

Please check our Facebook page for cancellations. Cancellations will be
posted by 4 PM on Monday.
For information about our Obedience classes,
please contact :
Training Director- Ilene Havitz or 715-423-9745