President: Shirley LaBarge         
Vice President: Ilene Havitz      
Secretary: Lori Whitney                  
Treasurer: Roger LaBarge           

Board Members
Deb DeByl                          Vic Saeger  
                Amy Sjomeling                    Kathy Schuh                  
Sherry Rady

Training Director: Ilene Havitz

Training Building Phone:  887-3007

Breeder Referral: Maureen Pogorzelski  341-2122
About our club...

In order to fulfill our mission, our club offers training classes for dogs of every age and
background.  We welcome every breed of dog, including mixed breeds.  Obedience
classes are taught by qualified instructors all having earned obedience titles with their
dogs.  Classes are held in our spacious, heated, and air-conditioned training facility in Port

In addition, we offer Flyball classes for beginning and advanced dogs.  Conformation
classes are also available.

We hold Agility Trials throughout the year.

Periodically, we hold special events such as  Canine Good Citizen Tests, and Dog

Club members and their dogs have formed "therapy dog" teams and use their training to
brighten the lives of nursing home residents with their on-site visits.

Tracking, field work and herding titles are accomplishments of club members as well.

Our "Breeder's Directory" was formulated to assist you in choosing a quality puppy.

Veterinarians in our area have used club members as resource people to assist their
clients owning dogs with behavior problems.  We also work with area humane societies
and rescue groups to promote responsible breeding and dog ownership.

So, as you can see, no matter what your interests, it is possible to find an activity that you
and your dog can do together.  And, just for the record, you CAN teach an old dog new

The WRKC meets on the first Monday of each month at 7PM at our training facility at 150
Market Ave. in Port Edwards, Wisconsin.  We welcome visitors and perspective members.